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A Strong Legacy in Land Management


What We Do

Har-El Acres was formed in 1937 as a family farming operation owned by Harold and Elaine Lange. Over the years, our family farming operation gained more generations of help and grew with technology and modern farming practices. Today, we have further evolved into a land management company that not only operates a thriving farm, but also assists other land owners with investment and tax strategies that bring value to the bottom line. From day one, Har-El has operated as a business with a growth mindset, and after six generations, we’ve learned to share that passion with other land owners as well.

What We Do
Photo of Harold and Elaine
Photo of Farm

The History of Har-El 

We are very proud of our six-generation family business, and below are the high points that encompass most of the big milestones throughout the last century and beyond.

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Our History

Other Lange Family Brands

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Our Other Brands

Why Har-El?

After six generations of family farming, we’ve learned a lot about how to not only grow crops efficiently, but more importantly, about how to manage our land and a farming business to provide the most value to the people involved. We are passionate about what we do, and can help other farm owners and land owners with land management and land investment opportunities through what is known as a 1031 Exchange Program, which reduces your tax liability and still provide for future generations. We do the leg-work and provide a hassle free exerience.

Land Management Program

Contact Us

If you’re a land owner looking to learn about potential investment opportunities or ways to leverage your ground to earn more and add value for future generations, let’s talk. Har-El Acres is here to facilitate your land holdings strategy decisions and can educate you on your options and how you can benefit.

We Will be in Touch Shortly!

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